Biting is the new black.

Think that your new shirt from Urban Outfitters is that cutting edge, new sh* t? For years, large companies have been doing heavy research on the designs and trends that are bubbling on the cutting edge. Companies such as Urban Outfitters and H&M simply scout out the design that they forsee making an impact, then coincidentally release something very similar, but on a huge platform, thanks to their distribution and retail platforms. Don't get me wrong- lots of design heavily samples elements and iconic imagery, especially from popular culture, creating its own sense of conceptual design. However, sampling turns to BITING, once that concept is merely lifted, duplicated and produced. Example: Johnny Cupcakes (original design) Urban Outfitters (BITE!!!!) Feel me?

About the Author

While the world continues to become more connected, independent companies small and large are capable of much more then ever before. Our goal is to help independent brands—the people behind them, the art that inspires them, and the causes that support them—to become a part of the world’s everyday decision making.