Hip Hop ain't Dead but what about Twevles Wax…

SACRAMENTO - The grapevine news posts: So we heard Nino is a buddhist now, living in Nepal....Calvin has his own talk radio show in Nebraska....Martha and Malikka fulfilled their dreams of being backup singers/dancers at karaoke night at the Pine Cove....Jenny eloped with one of the ball boys from the Sacramento Kings.....and Julez, we heard that guy won the lottery in Atlanta and is in the process of buying the city of Sacramento to turn it into a parking garage. We heard that PSol bought the rights to "Big Johnson" T-Shirts and lives in Beverly Hills with some brazillian girls. We heard Planet is studying to be a cybornetic engineer so he can use computer, human, and household appliances to become the Ultimate Machine. We heard Fooders has a baked good's company strickely for pets and lives in Mexico with his many wifes. He is also the star of his own reality show. When we hear more good rumors I'll post them.

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