Lyrics born and who cares – More money mo money mo money!

Ok, so no really mo money, but mo tickets to save you money fo sho! We heard that some of you wanted to go to that Lyrics Born, Who Cares show and so we decided to hook it up. You're gonna have to work for it though. We're going to do this one radio station style. We're putting out our 17th issue soon so the 17th person to sign up on the email list (home page) gets the tickets. Woooooooooooooooooooord!

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Rai-mon Nemar is an independent lifestyle advocate and the founder of LEGENDmag. With a background in music, coupled with more then 12 years of being an entrepreneur, Rai-mon is a forward-thinking progressive who's life work is synthesizing the independent aesthetic and creating a community for "indies". Visit his blog IndieGuy and follow him on twitter.