Finance Tracking

I am notoriously horrible at managing my own money. It is a known fact. iBank graphic Today I downloaded iBank to try and get a bit back on the wagon. I am testing this specific app for my Macintosh because it is a companion product to my proven good invoicing and billing software iBiz (which interestingly enough USED to be called iWork long before Apple bought the name away from them for their office productivity suite). So here is my plan... I am going to test out the app in December, using real data and see if it is a viable solution for a checkbook-balancing-slacker like myself. If it makes the cut, I am going to use it full-time next year and try to get myself back in the black. Hopefully, this will include investments, stocks, and some indie/pendent investments courtesy of our own financial guru, Chris Guest (who hopefully will bless this blog with some of his infinite knowledge on the subject!). So join me in my test—if you dare—and let's get our budgets back on track! ... UPDATE (1 hour later): Nevermind... (HAHAHA!!) I opened the program and although it looks really nice and seems to function well, I just don't have the inclination to actually fiddle with it and spend the time to enter all that data. Why can't this all be easy?

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