Wu-Tang SF

Looks like Wu-Tang Clan is coming to San Francisco, for a one-night-only performance; Thursday, Dec 27, 2007. Tickets start at $50, and quickly go up from there. Wu-Tang announcement Now I know this post may be a bit strange, coming from us, but I am not posting the announcement for your benefit... I am posting the announcement to make a larger comment on how pathetic it is. Even at the cheapest ticket price, F-I-F-T-Y dollars is a horribly inflated amount to pay to see what can only be listed as a has-been group, and just further illustrates why people should always look for the new/fresh/indie artists instead of feeding the bloated corporate monoliths. Sure Wu-Tang has produced some good stuff. Sure Ruby Skye argueably has one of the best sound systems in the Bay Area, but paying $1000 for a premium box seat, to see a bunch of rag-tag rappers? Maybe I am just too out-of-touch, but that way is too over-the-top, even for me. Meh... at least they made a pretty web page to announce the event!

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