Arthur & Esther

This weekend, LEGENDmag got a chance to preview a new dark comedy about Libraries, Lakes, and Lost Love. This West Coast premiere is the story of one man's attempt to reconcile the ghosts of his past and the legacy of the Dewey Decimal Classification System after his library is tagged for destruction. We found the 90 minute, 2 part play compelling and engaging; although the second act left us feeling a little confused. Nevertheless, an interesting tale especially in an age where libraries, books, and reference material increasingly finds its way onto the internet; and when said relics become ever so rare in the real world. Arthur & Esther, Playing at the Phoenix Theater Annex in San Francisco, CA Arther and Esther runs almost the entire month of February 2008, on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 8:00pm at the Phoenix Theater Annex. Go see it sooner rather than later, and support your local independent theater! For more information or tickets, call (415) 820-1444.

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