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Billy Childs For being an anti-establishment type, I'm still really open to everything. I don't diss things just because a huge corp. put it out, although I probably won't support it with my hard earned dollar. I also don't support things that are indie but aren't quality. All that to say, sometimes you have to step outside of your cage and breath. I went to check out Billy Childs at the Hebst Theatre in San Francisco on Feb 2nd. Some music friends and I were jonesing for something real. The performance was out of this world and took me back to my days as a band nerd before I knew how to put together a great outfit. But it was yesterday as I watched the Grammy's that I remembered what music really is, and how to compare if you're going to do so. The Grammy's did something spectacular this year, they provided context to everything that's going on in the popular world of music. It wasn't just about some great performances by some great performers, Kanye throwing a fit, or who wasn't their to except the award. There was something about watching Tina Turner and Beyonce' and there was also something about hearing a small ochestral group (with solo artist) perform with the Foo Fighters (the so called "greatest band in the land"). But the performance that brought it all back was Herbie Hancock and Lang Lang performing George Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue" with a full orchestra. This was simply incredible. So with all that being said, step outside your cage people. Hip hop, Rock, DnB, Country, House, Techno, R&B and most other forms of music are amazing in their own right but pail when you compare them to jazz or classical music of the past, present, or future. Maybe I'm just a purist but remembering that todays bands are only as good as who they're compared to The Beatles, Micheal Jackson, Tower of Power, Gershwin, Hancock, Miles, James, the Ramones and all the other greats that stand out with no problem keeps you grounded.

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