Stuff white people like

So, a friend told me about this site and I couldn't help but go visit.  She told me about how she was cracking up all day and thought I should give it a gander.  So what did I do, I took a gander and the laughs just don't stop.  In good taste I should say that the person writing seems to be white.  It's not  a sight bashing white people but hey if you can't laugh at yourself you probably shouldn't be visiting funny sites anyway.  Here's a  snippet. #64 Mos Def

In the olden days of white culture, people used to look up to Kings and Princes. These were the people that they adored, and every night they wished and hoped that somehow they could wake up and be just like them. But with Royal Families crumbling, that role has been filled by one man: Mos Def. He is everything that white people dream about: authentic (”he’s from Brooklyn!”), funny (”he was on Chapelle show!”), artistic (have you heard “Black on Both Sides?”), an actor (”he’s in the new Gondry film!”) and not white (”I don’t see race”). Read the rest here

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