The Best Date Ice Breaker Ever!

So you're wondering how to break the ice huh? Nothing to do on valentines? Go and have a pillow fight! Ok, so they don't happen often enough (even in a city as great as SF), but when they do, they are not to be missed. The 3rd Annual Valentines Day Pillow fight was the coolest storm of feathers I've ever seen. Thanks to my date for being a sport even though her past experience in pillow fights with her six brothers made this something that could've blown up in my face as a start to the date, she was a sport. The fun was undeniable though. Costumes, big pillows, tons of passers by asking "why everyone has a pillow in their hands", and little angry guys swinging for the fences (but at your head). Next time this comes around in your city make sure you save up for a feather pillow and bring the pain. Better yet, bring a date! Pillow fight by David Pan - kaptures.netPillow fight by David Pan -

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