Astound me…

One of the worst big guys around is Comcast. Doesn't matter what service you're using those guys stick it to you in every way. Doesn't matter if you bundle and then get a bigger bill, are trying to down grade and they're using every person they have to prevent it, or none of the above happens and your realizing that a good chunk of your check is going to TV and Internet. In comes Astound! So let me say write off, unless you're on the San Francisco peninsula, Northern Cali (way north, sorry Sacto), Western Washington, or Minnisota your S.O.L! But if you are in their coverage area, we've heard some good things about Astound! We're going to be looking into them more but check them out for yourself and see if you can make the switch to an indie! astound logo

About the Author

Rai-mon Nemar is an independent lifestyle advocate and the founder of LEGENDmag. With a background in music, coupled with more then 12 years of being an entrepreneur, Rai-mon is a forward-thinking progressive who's life work is synthesizing the independent aesthetic and creating a community for "indies". Visit his blog IndieGuy and follow him on twitter.