Wiimbledon 2008: SF!

This just in (a week ago): "To all the rappers in the top 10: Wiimbledon's back, and this year we're kicking it 3,000 miles clockwise from NYC to San Francisco. The plan: Leaving the first week in June, we'll 'Bago it Madden-style cross-country, stopping here and there for mini-tournaments, and gas, and probably your couch. We'll hit SF June 20th. The 2nd Annual Wiimbledon Tournament'll be held Saturday, June 21st. We'll be releasing more details -- e.g., where exactly we're stopping along the way, what this year's prizes are, etc -- in the coming days and weeks. But anyone who hit up Wiimbledon 2007 knows how we throw down. So fear not, lil ladies, we're gonna bring the goodness through the breadbasket. To stay current with our trials, tribulations, and inevitable high-fivin' success, sign up above for e-mail updates. That way you'll get the straight poop first, including first crack at sign-ups. Also, keep yer peepers on the blog, where we'll be posting with fiber-like regularity. Finally: In keeping with Wiimbledon's shoestring ethos, we can only do this with your help. If you're interested in sponsoring Wiimbledon 2008 in any fashion, we'd love to talk to you. Hit the contact page, or pen us at brooklyn [dot] wiimbledon [at] gmail [dot] com. So. Mark your calendars. Stretch your hammies. Kiss your barbies. Wiimbledon 2008's on the way."

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