25 New Comics Give Stellar Performance at Local San Francisco Comedy Clubhouse

SF Comedy College logoOn a whim, LEGENDmag headed over to San Francisco's own Comedy College performance last night to check out some budding comics at the Comedy Clubhouse. After stopping at the local liquor store for some quick BYOB-action, droppin' $5 at the door, and locating 4 seats together in the packed theater; we settled in for a bit of much-needed laughter. There were comics of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and levels of experience performing. And the MC for the evening kept the pace going for quite a fun night of laughing. Honestly, I went in grumpy, tired and not in the mood to laugh, and within minutes I was laughing out loud—always a great thing at a comedy club, especially in such an intimate theater. The time flew by with each comedian getting from 1-7 minutes to perform their routine, and aside from a few dead moments—quickly cut short by the magic 1-minute red light—we were cracking up the whole time! For those of you interested in learning the art of being funny, SF Comedy College is always accepting new people, and they can be contacted on their website sfcomedycollege.com. If you want to go support the arts, then check The Clubhouse website for dates and times of upcoming shows.

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