It Doesn't Have an ocean view, but Bette's Oceanview Diner is well worth the wait!

Bette’s Pie We LEGENDmag'ers love to eat almost as much as we love patronizing indie establishments. So when the two things merge into one, it is almost always a win-win! Today was one such experience. Rai-mon and I took a hankerin' to some breakfast and decided on Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley, CA. After a some Google Maps jostling, a little street parking action, and a short walk, we arrived at Bette's. First thing you see—even before you enter the door—is that the place is packed! (Note: We did not know that today was a holiday for many out there, and I imagine this place remains extremely popular on weekends) Then you look up and notice the GIANT slice of pie hanging from the ceiling. It is massive (yes, that is it in the photo). And after that, things become blurry in a mad rush of rumbling tummy, marvelous odors, and a flurry of waitresses. Then your food comes. Oh goodness... and behold it was delicious! Practically all conversation stopped at our table for the first half of the meal, while we scarfed-down German pancakes, regular pancakes, omelets, bacon, turkey sausage, and cantaloupe. Perfect. More than enough to make you forget that there is no ocean view! (Although we hear that from the roof, it is spectacular!)

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