This Just In: Introducing the Timbuk2 Steve Sleeve. It's Coming & It's Green.

 Timbuk2 rarely disappoints ad I'd say this time they have overdone it.  We know there will be lines and over-flowing reorders so make sure you get to the Timbuk2 site and get on that list. "Built to fit the MacBook Air™ like an ultraglove. Don't let the simple design fool you. We've overbuilt the hell out of this sleeve and spec'd earth friendly materials throughout. Ultrasonic seam welds use a notoxic glue, the durable exterior softshell fabric (just like the stuff in mountaineering jackets) & low pile brushed fleece lining are made from post-consumer pop bottles (PET). The buttons are made of Poly PET and the string can be reused to tie your shoe in a pinch. Who could even THINK of putting a MacBook Air™ in anything less?"




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