D-Structure Art Showing: Icons by Aaron Nagel

D-Structure Art Showing: Icons by Aaron Nagel LEGENDmag was down in the Lower Haight this weekend to help celebrate a wonderful showing of work by Aaron Nagel. D-Structure hosted the event and, as always, there was a mighty fine showing of people! The work is absolutely spectacular as you can see from the photos posted here. The DJ's had the floor groovin' and the bartenders were packed 4 deep. And before they wheeled away all the shelves, I got a chance to check out some of the fine threads they have... let me tell you! Some good indie stuff down there. If you are in or around San Francisco during the month of April, it is well worth the stop. img_0446.jpgimg_0440.jpgimg_0441.jpg img_0448.jpgimg_0453.jpgimg_0462.jpg ICONS by Aaron Nagel Runs 4/4/08 - 5/1/08 at D-Structure 520 Haight St. (@ Fillmore), SF, CA To purchase any of the art, click here!

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