DMC: Divorced Mens Club

I recently discovered a small group called the Divorced Men's Club.  It's pretty self-explanatory as you're either a member or not.  It was really born out of necessity.  They say, there's a time when you're getting divorced where you need a group of guys or even just one guy who knows what you're going through.  "Some guy who has his heart broke but didn't have to worry about his tax's being done right and fair for the last time just doesn't understand.  And although women are great for listening, caring, and some great rebound sex it's also not so great when it's time to vent about your ex."  So there you go, the DMC is more of a network then a club.  All of a sudden you have another guy to tell you "No way man, you don't want to get a lawyer if you don't have too.  It will just make things go longer and be more expensive" or "No way, taking more then what's yours isn't the way to go no matter how vindictive and bitchy she was.  It just won't work out long term that way". So with that said I thought I would let you know that if you ever are in need of a good peer group in regards to a divorce we've got help for ya.  Hit up

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