Nicolay and Kay Tour

Nicolay and Kay Nicolay and Kay definitely gave a good show despite sound problems plaguing the first 3 songs of the set, and it only being their 2nd show on the tour! Nicolays music is so soulful you have to move when you hear it, so hearing it live with Kay mcing over top is a treat even when the mic screeches. notes for the show:Keep dancing on stage Kay we love it and Nicolay keep pointing out when the plane flys by (you had to be there). Big ups to Nicolay & Kay (TIME:LINE out now) , Aimee (happy belated 30th), and Seth (see you soon) thanks for always showing love! Opening up for Nicolay & Kay were King Most & Kero One. Bay Area favorites and natives definitely had the home town crowd in full force. If you've heard theme before, it was a solid showing of the their past works. If you haven't heard them it's time for you to become one with your soul. I also want to mention the band in the front room who jammed like a good hiphop/jazz band should, Philtered Soul. img_0017.JPGimg_0161.JPGimg_0215.JPG img_0241.JPGimg_0047.JPG All pics by Reggie

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