Meat Beat Manifesto Poorly Dubs Their Last Tour at Slim's in San Francisco

img_4039.jpg Meat Beat completely flubbed the dub on this one. I arrived excited—expecting something deep and fresh from my favorite electronic crew—and walked out thoroughly disappointed. Sure, there were new songs from Autoimmune and the accompanying video samples, but overall it was the same frenetic, disjointed assembly as before. And frankly they looked as bored on stage as I was in the audience. As for tour support... we missed the 1st opening act, and the 2nd was dull at best. LEGENDmag recommendation: If you are a fan who hasn't seen them live in years, then you will have a good time. There were enough old fans there to keep it packed. But if you caught a leg of their last tour, then don't bother with this one. img_4061.jpgimg_4034.jpgimg_4057.jpg

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