The Crucible delivers a phenomenal interpretation of Stravinsky's Firebird Ballet at their Non-Profit facility in Oakland, CA

img_0064.jpg LEGENDmag attended last night's showing of Stravinsky's Firebird ballet ("Crucible-style") and it was nothing short of spectacular. So much so, that as I sit here typing, it is actually difficult to explain just what made it so remarkable.... Could it be the breathtaking acrobatic talent; the good vs. evil metaphoric dance interpretations featuring traditional ballet and dirty, street break-dancing; or possibly the political/social satire; or maybe the motorcycle acrobatics, flaming trans-am, and brilliant metal sculptures? Then again, it could just be the fact that everything was on fire! Nevertheless, there is barely time left to still catch this world-class performance. It is not to be missed, and will surely spoil you—in the best way possible—for any future ballet performances you plan to attend! img_0054.jpgimg_0052.jpgimg_0056.jpg And for those that didn't know, The Crucible is a non-profit school offering classes in all the industrial arts. They had a number of disciplines on display in the lobby before the show, including: metal work, welding, kinetics, neon & light, jewelry, and glass blowing. Classes are now in session, check their website for a schedule (or to volunteer). img_0016.jpgimg_0015.jpgimg_0029.jpg img_0019.jpgimg_0024.jpgimg_0026.jpgimg_0065.jpg

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