Digg Meetup Not Dugg by All

img_0142.jpg With the mellow sounds of typically-good Bay Area DJs... instead, playing uncharacteristically boring, crowd-friendly 80's hits, the Digg meet-up was a bit like a Junior High School dance. It was a veritable who's-who of internet-famous nerds, geeks, and dweebs standing around awkwardly talking amongst themselves as a few intoxicated girls boogied down. And although the bar was packed, a Digg-sponsored bar tab was no where to be found, leaving most of us that attended with a dry mouth and empty pockets. But it was not all bad music taste and rarely-used sportcoats. LEGENDmag met a bunch of great people in the crowd, including iJustine, Sebastian from Solidground, Glen at Abrahams Design, and Troy from Workhabit. Additionally, we saw a few old friends like Ryan from Viddyou, Min Jung, Jason from Joyent, and Kevin from Raptr. And to top it off, we found a real-live mythical unicorn amoungst the partygoers... so that has to count for something, right? ... Anyhow, here's the Digg Groove is in the Heart video and some pics: img_0143.jpgimg_0146.jpg

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kc! Bradshaw is the Creative Director for LEGENDmag, a founder of CircleSavvy and works as a freelance graphic designer for Exkclamation. In his spare time, he enjoys the finer textures of life; rides his classic motorcycle; and absolutely loves music. Stalk him on Twitter.