A hotel stay with the London Police

Whatever you do, don't open this door! LEGENDmag stayed in the Hotel Des Art in SF last weekend and it was a great time. It's in San Francisco on Bush street and is a hop-skip-and-jump from some of our favorite spots (111 Minna, DaDa Bar/Lounge, and Farmer Brown) and so we were really excited to stay. Some hotels lure you in with great services, and others have restaurants with great food. But for all of you art lovers, Hotel Des Art offers well... Art! They have rooms painted by some greats in the urban art seen.
Alayna Magnan Chor Boogie Jeremyville
London Police Owen Maigrit Peat Wollaeger
Plasticgod Sheppard Fairey Sugarluxe
Tricia Choi
It was only by coincidence that we stayed in The London Police room. It made the experience exactly what a hotel stay should be but almost never is... unique. You find these little notes to the occupant and thoughts they had while painting all over the room. It makes you want to stay in the room and discover a little. Hats off to Hotel Des Art for a great stay.

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