Web 2.0 is not just for the geeks anymore

Tim O'Reilly enchants the throngs of visiting tech gurus with visions of the future! LEGENDmag attended the SF Web 2.0 Expo yesterday and decided to stop by the keynote. It was one of our smarter moves, as both Tim O'Reilly and Clay Shirky presented thought-provoking ideas about where Web 2.0 is-and-isn't, and (most importantly) what we are going to be doing with it next.
Rai-mon — My hope is that no one misses the boat, kc! It seems as though things are happening in our world that a lot of people don't understand but should if they want to partake in this "new world" emerging from the matrix. kc! — True, this conference seems to be about "bigger picture" ideas, and when you get into this realm, a lot of people easily get lost. I think that is why Web 2.0 typically gets brushed aside as a fad. But it was clear that O'Reilly and Shirky were strict on point (as well as being very good public speakers). Hopefully, those tens of thousands in attendance will be able to translate those visions into reality. Rai-mon — And that my friend is where the challenge lies. It's one thing to start a new company that is steeped in the beliefs of Web 2.0's future—like we heard from our drunken sales friend at the bar—but it's a different story taking those ideas and applying them to a company that is already successful but lives and feeds in a less internet savvy, more 1.0 world. kc! — I have faith in the brilliant minds currently running amok throughout downtown San Francisco, that this translation is destined to happen, and soon!
For those not in attendance, here is part of Tim O'Reilly's keynote:

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