Down On the Land-o-Timba' (or alternately better… "Madonna SUCKS…. Timbaland should RETIRE!!!")

kc! — You hear the new Madonna album "Hard Candy" yet? I am listening to it right now and can safely say that HER CAREER IS OVER!!! Rai-mon — LOL! Well the song that's getting all the radio play is cool but it's not THAT dope. Yea it's time for Timbaland to go down. I love that dude but it's just time... kc! — i liked the last Madonna album... but now, she has gone all hip hop-style on this one (almost ala any other young talentless diva these days). Is the Timbaland/Timberlake song "4 Minutes" the one on the radio? Rai-mon — YEA. Well he did the whole album though. kc! — I honestly like Timbaland's stuff... usually. Wait, he did this album? Woah... Rai-mon — Oh me too, he's one of the best producers alive in my opinion, but sometimes you have to give it a rest and not do everything for everyone. He's like fucking Microsoft right now. Fucking killing me. kc! — Yes, true. Its like he sold her all the wack beats he had laying around in the backroom... they are still interesting, but don't seem fully developed. But I bet realistically, it has a lot to do with her influence. I think it is just Madonna that is ill-fitted Rai-mon — Yea i mean, I was juiced when he did his album with tons of different people on it cause that's how good he is. Different genres and shit. But not he's just cashing in. I mean I would've probably done it too, she's like the diva Micheal Jackson. But i don't care, right now he's on my nerves. Rai-mon — DOWN WITH TIMBALAND >:o kc! — You know, this album has the same awkwardness as if my mother tried to rap using current slang... she could probably pull it off... but it just sounds weird. ... kc! — HAHAH... sounds like a good rant post for the blog today, dude! Just copy and paste this freaking IM session... fuck it, that's what i am going to do! Rai-mon — That's funny. Awww shit lets do it. Do it sucka...

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