LEGENDmag TV features Maker Faire 2008 in San Mateo, celebrating all things DIY/homebrew!!

LEGENDmag TV headed out to cover the Maker Faire and ran into our old friend Ernie, from littleyellowdifferent.com! Come with us on a fantastic journey through the seemingly neverending exhibit halls, race tracks, and proving grounds and explore the Maker Faire!! UPDATE: Added some photos from the event and a little more about the video. [gallery] (Photography: Jake Thomason, kc! Bradshaw) PS: In case you were wondering about that amazing techno giraffe at the end of the episode (I fell in love with it and had to get it in the video), his name is Russell and he is an electric giraffe with a wonderful story. Go check out the website for more info and if anyone wants to build me one, I would forever be indebted! :) A special thank you to all the wonderful people we met and spoke with during the event... like our new friends working on Within Reach Movie! Keep up all the hard work we will see you all next year again at Maker Faire 2009!!!! :)

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