Watch Netflix movies with your little Black Box

All you need now days is an internet connection! Yup, if you were born in '76 or before and you're a person who has decided to not tune in to the interweb revolution that has been going on for years now... WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! ROKU is a privately held company that has been trying to wake up out of your comma since 2002.  They are best known for their internet radio player, the Sound Bridge. Well, now they've upped the anty making a streaming moview player for Netflix. Hook the box up, pick a movie and start watching. One of the main features here is that the movies aren't downloaded, they streamed so that you can watch the movies instantly. Select movies right from your tv screen, watch in HD, and no extra fees from Netflix. Wake up people, the matrix has us all!

About the Author

Rai-mon Nemar is an independent lifestyle advocate and the founder of LEGENDmag. With a background in music, coupled with more then 12 years of being an entrepreneur, Rai-mon is a forward-thinking progressive who's life work is synthesizing the independent aesthetic and creating a community for "indies". Visit his blog IndieGuy and follow him on twitter.