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Cover JIM by Jamie Lidell JIM by Jamie Lidell The long and short of it: This album has to be one of the most anticipated albums of the year for fans of Jamie Lidell. My first listen to Jamie just a couple of years ago (long after his first release) revieled soul music that was still very raw and unfettered. JIM is an explosion into Jamie Lidell as a matured yet still raw artist. The soundscapes and emotion on this album are fun and even silly at times. This is good music. So good that for loyal fans who are die hard indie types this may be their last whoorah. I fear I'm going to hear some of this really good music on chic flics for years to come (but hey as long as Jamie is making some money right.) Musically: On the music tip Jamie continues with the new millinium theme of timeless old school flare with that magic of a new school sound. But this isn't blast from the past music ala Mark Ronson. This is Jamie Lidells version of timeless music. Upbeat happy music, ballads, dance music, funky jams, it's all here. Last words: Keep'm coming Jamie, we love your music and always will. Don't make our feel good go away! Our fav songs from the album: Wait For Me, Figure Me Out

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