Haight Street Shows San Francisco How Popular Independent Culture Really Can Be!

Haight Street Fair Smokes We were out at the Haight Street Fair in San Francisco last Sunday and BOY it was a doozy! I don't think they could have crammed one more person onto that packed street. And the best thing about it? Independents EVERYWHERE! So many street vendors in fact that most of the normal shops were closed for business! Talk about the indies taking over!! At either end of Upper Haight, there were stages set up with rotating live acts. The schedule went DJ, band, DJ, band... so no matter what type of music you were into, they were delivering. Everyone was as polite as could be expected, given the massive crowds that showed up, but one thing was sure... people were really there for the fantastic independent booths! [gallery] Hopefully you made it out too!! We would love to hear your thoughts on the day!!

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