I Have Arrived!

What's up, LEGEND's? I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself to you, as I will be making a regular appearance here on LEGENDmag from now on! It's my understanding that I am not only the newest contributor to this kick ass mag, but the first and only female! It's about time, fellas! Truly, I am honored to be part of a team so dedicated to exposing and promoting the world and culture of independent living. What can you expect from me? An honest, straightforward, sassy and strong female perspective on life as a single girl in the SF, sex/dating, love, politics, world events, eco-centric movements, fashion, culture, art and food. I'm a Bay Area native and I'm extremely passionate about the local music, art, food and underground culture scene. I've worked in many facets of Bay Area culture. My dating escapades are truly stuff straight off the pages of some bizarre pulp fiction rag. I look forward to bringing a light to new and independent artists in all arenas and to sharing my personal perspectives with LEGEND readers!

About the Author

Amber Milner is an independent lifestyle advocate!