Music Review: The Myriad “With Arrows With Poise”

You hay have caught this group on the Dew Circuit Breakout 07’ tour. This could be the soundtrack to your favorite television mellow drama. Donna Martin would be bumpin’ this in her room waiting to see if she is going to graduate from Beverly Hills High School. Or you might hear this when David Silver is flushing all his drugs down the toilet before the cops come to arrest him. With Arrows has an excellent modern rock vibe that is easily digestible and comprehendible. The Myriad brings us an album to vibe out to while driving or trying to mack on your significant other. With Arrows mixes and matches many different stylings of rock combine with bits and parts of electronic music.

Musically: Very Classy, the diverse sound doen’t fail to keep one’s attention. The lyrics are sung clear and not in your face.

Favorite Song: Holiest of Thieves

Last words: Life is full of corny TV moments.

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Ben Andres is an independent lifestyle advocate!