Ear me out: The Power of Perception

We all know not to judge a book by it's cover. Along those lines, a picture, while often worth a thousand words is often not what it may seem to be. How often do you meet someone or pass them on the street and make a judgment. How often do other people do the same to you? We all have hidden scars that no one sees. Sometimes we hide the scars so we can't even see our own. The cliche of "world peace starts at home" is true. If we want the world to join forces for peace, we must start on a smaller level. The way we treat the least of us is a direct reflection of our community, our society and our nation. We all share a common pain. We all share a desire to be loved and accepted. We do not want to be forgotten or fade into the background. This video says more about it than I can with these simple words. Peace.

About the Author

Amber Milner is an independent lifestyle advocate!