Music Review: We Are Wolves “Total Magique”

We are Wolves melds the hard synth sounds of electronica, with shag haired guitar riffs of indi rock. Definitely a signature sound for this generation of fixed gear bike riders, Red Bull girls, and 80’s babies, who get down to this type of sound. This album does not lack in content of working in the rock spectrum, and is fairly well composed with its use of drum machines and other electronic music gear. Its been said that this generation of rockers is taking alot of influence from their 80’s rock counter parts, which you can hear from how We Are Wolves. Even though this album my have some sence of nostalgia from the 80’s punk, glam, and electronica scene, it doesn’t mean these guys are regurgitated rejects from 20 years ago, they combine sounds coming up with a signature sound of their own.

Musically: A faux hawk like Christian Rolnaldo, Sleater Kinny on Speed and Daft Punk

Favorite Song: Vamos A La Playa- nice use of an old school drum machine with slightly heavy guitars and drums.

Last Words: What’s a Magique?

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