Adventures in Craigslisting

There is a great documentary called 24 Hours on Craigslist, where the filmmaker interviews a number of normal, every day people about their experiences using Craigslist for furniture, jobs, dates, random sexual encounters, ect. I have personally found almost every apartment I've ever had and most of my jobs on Craigslist. I have also been on too many dates to count...some great and some questionable at best. The internet has become the new meat market, as you are all well aware. The stigma of meeting someone online still exists to a degree. It's as if you only go looking for love online if you're not good looking or smart or cool enough to meet someone in the real world. The reality is that once you're out of school, your social circle becomes a little smaller with each passing year. It's tricky to date people you work with and meeting people at bars is just a recipie for disaster. So, online dating seems to actually be a viable option. I invite you to join me on a little adventure. I responded to an ad the other day from a nice young man who will be known, for the sake of this piece, as Andy. Andy is tall, good looking (at least in his pictures), adventerous, from the East Coast and is a political script writer. We have exchanged a number of emails and pictures and so far the chemistry seems to be there. We have plans to meet for some wine on Thursday of next week. Will Andy be the one? Will he end up in my "brother" file? The brother file is for guys that have it all together, guys that I have a fantastic time with, but who I just don't want to have sex with. Ever. Will he be just another one night of drunken passion? Whatever happens next, I'll be surprised and will be keeping you in the loop. And so my journey into broadcasting my love life online begins. Welcome to it, people.

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Amber Milner is an independent lifestyle advocate!