111 Minna does Art of War, one night only

Walking around is underrated. Sometimes you just have to put foot to concrete jungle and get ur walk on! One one of my daily walking missions I happened by 111 Minna at 4pm or so and what do I spy but the beginnings of an art show and what I didn't know was to be one of the funnest nights I'd had in a while. First I reconnected with Jay Howell, artist extrodinair who gave me a fat welcome when I moved to Sacramento. Then I ran into Nick who was djing the event and is part of the Shotgun Wedding Quintet (issue 17 feature) The art was amazing and so I took some flicks before I left (only to come back hours later with full posse and no camera). Gotta love it though. Here's some random art shots. Last note this artwork was only up for one night, so if you missed it, you missed it. [gallery]

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