Music Reviews: Buck 65 “Situation”

For the person who loves all kinds of music but loves rapping over it; whoever you are, you should peep this. “Situation” is far from lackin’ in keeping a listener’s attention with tracks like Benz, and Ho-Boys, that have a rough egde 70’s cop film sound. That’s not to say that the rest of the album sounds like a Cochese car chase, it has it’s funky, cool, gritty and grimy parts as well. At times your under the car feeling oily t-shirted butch lesbian ruggedness, and other times it's a robotic afro-ed kung fu kick to the throat. Buck 65 is said to be avant garde hip hop, which sometimes is taken as indigestible to some listeners, but Situation does not fail to give an example of excellent alternative rap music.

Musically: Its got heavy swag, on a cowboy b-boy tip

Favorite Song: Cop Shades

Last Words: Girls should dance to this more often. Indi Rock and Alternative rap chicks.

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