Born from the Satirical Pages of Palahniuk, this Film Won't Choke

Victor Mancini is one messed up individual! As if working as a Colonial-era theme park reenactor, isn't weird enough. His dating circuit consists of picking up women at sexual addiction meetings. To top it off, Mancini, played by Sam Rockwell, moonlights as a "choke artist", to con well-to-do's in upscale restaurants into paying his bills. To Victor's defense, he does the latter to pay the medical bills for his Alzheimer-ridden mother Ida, played by Anjelica Huston. It could be worse... It's not like Victor thinks he's the 2nd coming of Christ or anything! Oh, that's right... he does! Based on the 2001 Chuck Palahniuk book of the same name, director/actor Clarke Gregg adapts the painful and hysterical tones of childhood trauma and sexual compulsion, for the big screen. With the bar raised from Palahniuk's hit Fight Club, it took Gregg 5 years to adapt Choke for film. Even with Sam Rockwell's experience playing a con man (Matchstick Men in '03), I don't think that Choke will have the same gravitas as Fight Club did in '99.  It will, however, be worth a trip out to the cinema when it opens on September 26. I can't wait to see the darkness, satire, and levity that are trademarks of Chuck Palahniuk's writing. Maybe if this one does well, shooting can commence on the adaptation of Chuck's book, Invisible Monsters (do yourself a favor and read this book!). Invisible Monsters CAN have the same gravitas, on film, as Fight Club! Be sure to watch out for the full review on LEGENDmag Blog...

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