Why Can't They Get It Right!? (A Rhapsody Mini-Review)

Rhapsody recently launched an alternative to iTunes, offering DRM-free (!) mp3's for purchase. This is in addition to their unlimited-listen (for a monthly fee) jukebox model. They were also offering a free $10 credit if you were one of the first 10,000 people to sign up. Naturally, I jumped at the chance. Today I went on to download some music and test out the service. I typed in Rhapsody.com, logged in with my username and password, and was taken to a site where I can search for music. Ben Mono -- Hit The Bit ** Searched for "Ben Mono" (by artist) ** Results came back from his album "Hit the Bit" (on my listen-to list for a while) ** Liked the previews, clicked to purch... but wait, no purchase button!? ** Clicked link to "Buy Ben Mono MP3s" ** Search results page came up "No Artist found for "Ben Mono." FAIL. How is it that I can listen to tracks on Rhapsody, and not be able to buy the tracks from Rhapsody? Now before you get on my case... I understand that they are two different things now (rhapsody.com and mp3.rhapsody.com)... I understand that only after spending 15 minutes frustrated, searching over and over, with different phrases on the "store". But it frustrates this music-lover enough that I will probably never use the service again, even with a free $10 credit to my name. The moral to this story is simple: In a medium where navigation/interaction is the main function, user-experience is key! Especially when you are competing with iTunes... an admittedly easy, established, user-friendly store. Rhapsody... you want to beat Apple's iTunes Music Store for my Ben Mono business? Make it drop dead simple. Offer an extensive catalog with DRM-free music, or features that I can't get anywhere else! Make it fun to browse. And don't make me have to think about anything... point, click, purchase, done.

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kc! Bradshaw is the Creative Director for LEGENDmag, a founder of CircleSavvy and works as a freelance graphic designer for Exkclamation. In his spare time, he enjoys the finer textures of life; rides his classic motorcycle; and absolutely loves music. Stalk him on Twitter.