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SnagFilms launched in beta, this past week.  The site, founded by award winning documentary producer Ted Leonsis, allows a viewer to stream one of the 250 documentaries in its library.  Free, with no sign-ups or software downloads!  Streaming some of the greatest names in indie docs such as Arts Alliance America, Indiepix, and ITVS, Snag has an additional 200 films, already under contract, that will be added next month. As the name implies, films can also be snagged from the site and embedded on a MySpace or Facebook page (or any other page for that matter).  Using the SnagFilms widget, it seamlessly enables the viewer to snag either a single movie, or multiple movies in pre-arranged category widgets. These widgets can turn any web page into a digital movie theater, offering free, full-length viewing of the best of indie non-fiction films via a pop-up player. The movies are advertiser supported, with the revenue shared equally between Snag and the filmmakers. “There has never been a time when so many high-quality socially relevant documentary films have been made, yet even though tens of thousands of documentaries are submitted to film festivals every year, only a handful find theatrical distribution. SnagFilms was created so that anyone who has a website, publishes a blog, or participates in a social network can open an online multiplex theater, giving others an opportunity to watch one or more of the films we’ll stream, to distribute these films by snagging them for their own sites, and to support the causes promoted by these films by linking to participating nonprofits. Through SnagFilms, everyone on the web can be a theater owner and a film distributor if they just donate their pixels and enable these incredible documentaries to be seen,” says Leonsis. This new distribution channel for indie docs has enormous potential.  As Snag clears up the bottleneck that has always plagued the genre, these compelling movies can be seen by wider audiences. These new audiences will also be able to act on what they see.  Spurring viewers to social action, SnagFilms encourages users to engage the films' issues and supporter communities through special bonus material and links to relevant nonprofits. Here's a movie I snagged: (Seven years in the making and culled from 2000 hours of footage, DIG! plunges into the underbelly of rock n roll, unearthing an incredible true story of success and self-destruction. Anton A. Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols are star-crossed friends and bitter rivals - DIG! is the story of their loves and obsessions, gigs and recordings, arrests and death threats, uppers and downers, and the delicate balance between art and commerce). Become a "filmanthropist" and check out this site!

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