Album 2 from Darker My Love drops August 5

I caught a Darker My Love show last week.  Well done boys! For myself, someone who's sick and tired of the rock and roll ruse, Darker My Love is a nice departure.  Prejudging their band name, I thought they would be another crap emo group, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Of course, I shouldn't judge an article by its headline, but you know human nature, and all...  Bottom line: Experience the psych rock goodness of this LA indie band, and take a listen to their sophomore effort "2", which drops on August 5.  Teamed up with producer Dave Cooley (of Silversun Pickups and JDilla fame) and indie label Dangerbird Records, this LP reminds of a present day fact: Irony is dead!
  • Favorite tracks from "2":
  • Blue Day
  • Pale Sun
Here's the first single off "2", Two Ways Out...

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