In the mood for: Black Lips “Good Bad Not Evil”

The Lips take us on a trip of late night beach clam bakes and surf boards. The twang on the guitars tells you immediately what they're all out. If your into 60's and 70's surf music some sandy beach funk between your toes, then peep this. Of course you'll hear the sounds of modern day rock and vocals in the mix. These cats don't exactly meow in unison or key for that matter, but musically these mid-night beach beat dwellers don't fail at their holistic craft. this album is not made to be broken down like record digging nerds who were upset because DJ Shadow made "The Outsider." This is listening for sake of hearing how other sub-cultures of America get down. In this case, the modern day cat who follows surf or rockabilly music.

Musically: The change ups in some of the track work cohesively, as performed in the song "It Feels Right."

Favorite song: "Lock and Key" is funky in a blues rock and roll stylee. The vocals are mixed down dirty and the instruments follow that, complementing one another.  "Bad Kids" is dope too.r

Last words: If you don't know anything about surf music or rockabilly peep this. and then youtube that shit.

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