In the mood for : Mac Lethal “11:11”

The Rhymesayers camp are known for no apologies when it comes to bustin' lyrics. And Mac Lethal's 11:11 album is no exception. Mac takes us on a trip through the eyes of a beer drinking record digging vagrant. This album is good dirty party music. The kind where you don't know if you'll get into a fight for taking inebriated pinches at ladies behinds at a house party where you were not invited too. Mac's words are amusing and express full in tracks like "Make out bandit" and "Die Slow"  and are a summary of the testosterone and face punches which you may get through the speaker just by listening. Musically: The beats are diverse. Defiantly not true school or head nod style, but it will keep your attention. If the Dropkick Murphy's made beats, they would sound like this; an array boom bap drums to tweeked guitar strums. Favorite song: "Pound that beer" will give you an excuse to do anything you want while intoxicated without saying sorry. Last words: Listening to this album will have you not giving a f%ck about anything, but the things you want to do...until the adrenaline wears off.  Also snowboarder chicks who smoke weed are cool.

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