Delicious Vinyl does it again…with help from some new friends

In '92, I was always sort of grossed out when I saw the guy on a "Delicious Vinyl" label chopping at record like the cookie monster, but I always knew there was some taste groovs inside that record sleev too. In 2008 it's no different. Delicious vinyl has allowed for some really good remixes to happen by some really great artist:  Hot Chip, Diplo, Don Rimini, Peaches, Spank Rock, Diplo, Bobby Evans, and DJ Mehdi. Singles from the collection include Peaches version of Tone Loc's "Wild Thing," Aaron LaCarte and Debonair Samir's re-working of Young MC's "Know How", Eminem's production on Masta Ace's "Slaughtahouse," and Diplo and Don Rimini's take on "Bust A Move." This one is guaranteed to wet your appetite for more.

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