In the mood for: Dizzee Rascal “Math + English”

The yanks might find it hard to understand this man when it comes to the listening the first time arround. Dizzee rides the double-timed beats and spits words fast which may throw the slow off. The accent will ware off on the second pass. Trust us, it is something that you might have to get used to but makes sence in the end. This is the cat who put UK Grime on the map in the U.S. and is still making a noise like a double decker bus driving on the wrong side of the road. Members of UGK make a guest cameo, as well as Alex Turner, and Lilly Allen. There is also a remix by label mate El Producto of the track "Where's Da G's." Def Jux did the right thing by putting this cat down on the team to making their roster even more diverse. Favorite song: "Da Feelin" -- Dizzee's flow over the drum and bass track is a style of speak not heard much of these days. Its good to hear some diversity of beats and breath control on the same track. Musically: A polished UK grime style. Still dirty and well tuned, like a muscle car from the 70. Last words: The shit sounds cool. Real bouncy, with breath control and clarity.

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