First of it’s kind event on West Coast

Shaun Slaughter has been a friend of LEGENDmag almost since it's very first publish date and the relationship continues. I'll be in Sacramento tonight judge this ipod battle for all the music lovers in the city of trees. I can't wait, I had to cut off my right arm for gas money but he told me I only need one arm for tonight. Sacramento Stand UP! The Idea: verything started in March 2006 when TTC’s Teki Latex and Romain Rock, bored with strictly Hip Hop, Electro or Rock n Roll parties, decided to create a night where those scenes would share their influences. They chose the brand new Parisian club Paris Paris to host the party. The Infamous Para one, Justice, Dj Medhi, Surkin, Uffie and a lot more have already been battling to reach the podium! Since then, the Ipod Battle has been to Montreal and Geneva and soon Lausanne. This is only the beginning…. This night is always a killer. We want Sacramento to experience this event. Everyone who is invited plays a role in the game. This is going to be fun and we want you to take it seriously. This is a real battle.

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