Don’t do it dew!

I don't like publishing content that's not ours and ours alone. In case you're curious what I'm talking about, most blogs, online mags, etc are just copy cats. No more then signal repeaters. They see editorial some where else and just copy it over and over and over again. You'll rarely see this on LEGENDmag. But today is an exception. Our friends over at hit this one right on the head.
From animal mag: "It comes as no surprise that this entire obnoxious, art based 'Green Label' project, for Mountain Dew was originally hatched by Hawaii Mike, publisher of LTD, a cool guy magazine where advertisers basically buy editorial—think of it as a perpetually outdated Hypebeast in print. And if limited edition Mountain Dew bottles weren't bad enough the first time around, there's word of a 2nd series. Although artists certainly need to make a buck and support themselves—who's gonna refuse $10k a pop—this is just another example of hit and run marketing at its worse, leaving behind a gruesome trail of green sugary water and paint drips to nowhere. What's next, three years of shitty artist collaborated recycling bins? Doing the Dew was never so painful"

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