One of my best girlfriends sent me a text message last night. She was in a bookstore and said that there was a very tall, good looking, stylish man there who I would love. If she wasn't married, she most likely would have gone for it herself, but things being what they were, she gave me the heads up. I suggested (ok, demanded) that she give him my phone number. She failed to find the cajones to make this happen, which was fine really, because in the end, that would be an odd way to meet someone. I was pretty serious when I told her to give him my number, though. I mean, how do we meet people these days anyway? A lot of us are dating online with either disasterous (see my "Adventures in Craiglisting" posts) or wonderful (I have some friends getting married this weekend who met on a popular dating website) results. I often get hit on while walking down the street, but for some reason I'm not terribly interested in dating a guy who makes kissing noises at me or say something charming like "Hey baby, you lookin fiiiine today!" Or "Mmm Mmm Mmm. Git me somea dat!" Call me crazy, but this just doesn't do it for me. So, what are we, the young, fun, smart, single San Francisco set to do? Introducing "Snogg: A Singles Party that Doesn't Suck." This party is hosted by a very cool and very talented group of local artists who are throwing the party to raise money for "Incubator", a new workspace and gallery opening in early 2009. Incubator is dedicated to nurture fledgling artists by putting them in an ideal creative space. They will foster the artists' efforts to build a solid client base and memorable branding. What a cool project to support, while at the same time trying to get a date! Not only will there be a Kissing Booth, scavenger hunt, raffles and DJs Shawn Olsen and Dylan Lovett spinning 80's music, but yours truly will be there to help host the event...and perhaps even make a connection or two of my own! So, come on down tomorrow night! You never know, the love of your life (or just for the night) might be waiting for you there... Snogg: A Singles Party That Doesn't Suck Where: The Make Out Room (3225 22nd St. San Francisco) When: Friday August 15 from 6pm - 10pm Cost: $10 - $20 Sliding Scale. Every $5 donated gets you a raffle ticket! See you all there! Peace.

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