This Time I'm Really Mortified!

I apologize if the picture above has hurt your eyes. It hurts mine even more because it's a picture of me. Yep. That's a 13 year old, tortured soul named Amber. Why on earth would I post this online, not once but twice? To promote a show, of course! The show is Mortified, and yes, I am aware that I have promoted this show in the past. But here's the difference. This time, I'll be on stage reading my most private high school thoughts and some of the worst teen poetry you've ever heard. It's going to be a great show and I encourage all of you to come out and share the pain! It's Summertime! Time for BBQs, Beaches and long hot angsty confession from your favorite local teenage icons! The heat is on with one of our hottest MORTIFIED'S yet! This one is full of passion, pain, sex and angst! This month features: GEORDIE MARTINEZ: After seeing "Dangerous Liaisons", and having his heart broken, a 17 year old navy kid attempts some Dangerous Liaisons of his own. AMBER MILNER: The true story of a 6 foot 1 awkward 15 year old girl and her spiral descent into depression and horribly bad poetry. KEVIN WOFSY: Hear the diary entries of a young boy who came out of the closet right before being shipped to a conservative British boarding school and going right back into the closet. ANGEL YAU: A real and very self deprecating "vote for me" speech made before her high school class election...partially musical and truly embarrassing! SEAN SWEENEY: Hear a self-absorbed, unique ripoff of "Lord of the Flies" as a screenplay. CHRIS WEST: Witness the poetic tragedy that occurs with too much listening to The Cure and not enough time talking to girls! PLUS: THE RETURN OF THE HOUSE BAND: The nasty raunchy metal sounds of LIVE EVIL doing interpretations of bad 80's metal songs! All this and more at your comedy/self-help escape, MORTIFIED!!! SHARE THE SHAME! WHAT: Mortified WHEN: Saturday 8/23 and Monday 8/25 TIME: 8:00pm (Doors Open At 7:00) WHERE: Make-Out Room (3225 22nd St, San Francisco, CA, 94110) TIX: COST: $12 Presale / $15 at Door MORE INFO:

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Amber Milner is an independent lifestyle advocate!