San Francisco Goes Independent!

This is San Francisco, home of the disenfranchised, the rebel, the artistic warrior. This is San Francisco, home of the progessive thinker, revolutionary, voice of the voiceless. What better place to celebrate independent thinking, art and culture at it's best? Even our local government agrees that now is the time to come together to explore, create, celebrate and enjoy the amazing myriad of talent in our fair city! Mayor Gavin Newsom signed a proclamation in November 2007, officially declaring September 8 - 12 as "Independent Artists Week" in San Francisco! Celebrate Independent Artists Week as Infin8 Sync and friends host various informative and entertaining events throughout the week. Artists Week (IAW) is a weeklong celebration of artists ranging from Musicians and Filmmakers to Fine Artists and Fashion Designers. Everybody will have the opportunity to collaborate, be enlightened and celebrate their industries! The schedule consists of the following activities: “Green Day” - Live Artists construct a mural in an art-deprived setting with drinks, live music and poetry BYOA- Get Graphic - Independent magazines, fashion designers and graphic artists “show their stuff” in a mash up celebration for graphic artists in these industries . Ear Hustle - Dedicated to the development and progression of the Bay Area Independent Music Industry. Join the conversation of where the Bay's music scene is headed. Meet people that make it happen and learn what it takes to survive in one of the hardest industries in entertainment. Lyricist Lounge - Music ‘n Film Conference – The finale and ultimate celebration Filmmakers and musicians: writers, producers, directors, etc. exhibit their skills while all other facets of the arts come together to show how they are very significant in the film and music industries . All of these activities will allow for an opportunity of unity and synergy in the independent industry. The target audience for this conference are all artists and supporters, as well as businesses who cater to the artist community. The Bay Area is yearning for an event of this magnitude. Also, portions of the proceeds from this event will go to the several designated non-profits.

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Amber Milner is an independent lifestyle advocate!