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Listen up book-lovers! Our good friends over at the Long Now Foundation are hosting a fantastic book release on September 9th in San Francisco, for best-selling author Neal Stephenson. To enter the contest, send an email with your name and email address to tickets@LEGENDmag.net. His new work "Anathem" delves into the long-term thinking and concepts that are at the heart of the Long Now Foundation's mission statement, by asking the question "What if we lived in a world where the long-term was taken seriously?" Apparently, Neal Stephenson has been a long time contributor to the 10,000 year clock project, and this book was heavily influenced by that work. I am a huge personal fan of Mr. Stephenson's writing (having read 3 of his fantastic books), and this looks to be yet another grand tale told in his typical epic fashion! He has a wonderful way of taking a simple, exhilarating story-line and wrapping it back around on itself, heavily seasoned with well-researched facts.

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