RED is once again closing the gap between film and digital

Bringing cinema quality cameras to those of us not named Lucas, Spielberg, or Scorsese, RED first suprised us with the ONE.  It shoots film-like, movie lot quality for just over $17k!  Compared to rival six-figure rigs, ONE made the major league stuff accessible to the minors.  Once again they're knocking down the barriers of price, size, and quality with SCARLET. It's a 3K (read: better than 1080p) camera that fits in the palm of your hand for less than $3,000! Holy [insert appropiate explitive]!  This means that any ol' Nick Newbie has access to some cutting edge ish?  Only from the indies, baby! Some key specs:
  • 4.8" LCD screen
  • 1-120 fps
  • 8x zoom lens
  • HDMI
  • Firewire 800
  • Still mode
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Many more specs

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