Review: Jeff Mills Blue Potential

Derrick May, who is one of the Godfathers of Techno once said "Techno is the modern black man's soul music."  For Derrick, the creation of Techno was an escape from the abandon buildings, the rusted auto factories, and a crime ridden city, as well as a look into a future music. So what happens when you combine the tools of techno such as TR 909's, 808's with the Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra.  You get modern day techno genius composer Jeff Mills' CD DVD combo called Blue Potential.  Blue Potential is a 2 disc set live recording of some notable Jeff Mills techno tracks reinterpreted with drum machines and backed by a live Orchestra.  Filmed in France at Pont du Gard, Blue Potential reinvents "the modern black man's soul music" to a higher level of timelessness.  Hopefully that this breaks some ground one the stereotypes that techno is all about a "night at the Roxbury" with two coked out club goers bobbing their head to the right.  Blue Potential is ground breaking for music as a whole taking a sound from an abandoned motor city and integrating it with music of the fine arts.  Blue Potential stretches beyond of what people might think techno music is or what it can be giving us yet another forward look into the future of "the modern black man's soul music."

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